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What to Expect

At your appointment with Dr. El-Kadi, you will meet with a nurse or physician assistant who will take some initial information about your medical history and clinical symptoms. They will prepare your chart and films. Dr. El-Kadi will also ask you some questions, perform an examination and review your films before making recommendations. Not all problems are best treated surgically, and he may recommend additional conservative treatments. Prior to leaving the visit, one of our clinical staff will explain any additional testing or referrals made by Dr. El-Kadi. Our administrative staff will arrange these referrals and testing, in most cases. They will discuss your scheduling as you are checking out from the visit and arrange follow-up with Dr. El-Kadi when needed. Many tests ordered by Dr. El-Kadi require insurance pre-authorization, and our administrative staff may be able to answer any questions that you have at the visit.