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Discharge Instructions

If you have recently been discharged home following spine surgery by Dr. El-Kadi, you were given a packet of instructions.  Below, you will find electronic links to these instructions.  Your postoperative appointment with Dr. El-Kadi was given to you at the time of discharge.  If you were not given an appointment, please call 1-877-635-5234.

Any questions regarding your surgery or postoperative care should be directed to Dr. El-Kadi’s office.  Please call 1-877-635-5234.

Care of the incision

All incisions should be kept completely dry.  When showering, cover your dressing with plastic and tape.  Then after the shower, remove the entire dressing and place a dry bandaid or gauze pad over the incision.  Do not submerge your incision in water by soaking in a tub.  Your incision should be check daily for any redness, swelling or drainage.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your incision, please contact our office immediately.


Patients who have had spinal fusion require an x-ray prior to the first postoperative appointment.  A prescription was given to you at the time of discharge for this x-ray.  Please obtain these films 1-2 days before the appointment and bring them to your office visit.  If you did not receive a prescription, please call 1-877-635-5234.


Some patients require a brace after spinal surgery.  If you were given a lumbar brace, please wear if when you are out of bed, walking or sitting in a chair.  Cervical collars should be worn at all times, except when showering.  If you have questions regarding your brace, please call 1-877-635-5234.