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1. Where does the bone graft come from?

When Dr. El-Kadi performs spinal fusion, he utilizes bone taken from the bone bank during the procedure.  Complications can occur with harvesting bone from the patient, with the most common one being chronic pain.  Dr. El-Kadi achieves good results with the donor bone and eliminates the risk of chronic pain from the donor site.

2. What is the difference between endoscopic and microscopic?

Endoscopic surgeries utilize tubes to visualize the surgical site.  For some types of spine surgeries, smaller incisions can be made through which tubes are inserted.  The tubes dilate the opening and parts of the procedure can be performed through the tube.  A microscopic surgery involves making a small incision and utilizing the operating microscope to enlarge the visual field.

For more information, click on the link below:

Summary of Microscopic Approach »

3. Will Dr. El-Kadi be the one to do my surgery?

Dr. El-Kadi works with physician assistants in the hospital during surgery and also patient rounds.  Although they may assist him during some or all of the surgery, Dr. El-Kadi will be the one performing your operation.  He is your surgeon.

4. Will I need a rehab facility after my surgery or can I go home?

During your hospital stay, you will be evaluated by physical and occupational therapy.  They will work with you and also a social worker to develop a discharge plan.  In some cases, patients need additional therapy before they are strong enough to go home.  Rehabilitation or nursing facilities provide options to maximize your mobility before you are discharged home.  If this is an option for you, a social worker will assist you with choosing a facility close to your home and will accept your insurance.

5. What kind of recovery time can I expect from my surgery?

Recovery time varies depending on the type of surgery that you are going to have. Most patients are out of bed the same day of surgery. Hospital stay is dependent on the type of surgery that you are having. Most patients are able to be discharged home, but some individuals require transfer to a skilled facility for additional care prior to being discharged to home. For minimally invasive procedures, such as microdiscectomy, many patients can return to some kind of work around 3 weeks post-surgery. All of these things will be discussed with you prior to your surgery, which will allow you to make any arrangements that need to be made.

6. What about pain medications after surgery?

During your hospital stay, we will work with you to make sure that your pain is controlled.  When you are discharged home, you will be provided with prescriptions for medications to continue to treat your pain.  You will see Dr. El-Kadi back in the office 10-14 days after your surgery and can reassess your medication needs at that office visit.  You can always call our office if you should run out of pain medication, in the meantime.

7. How do I get my life back?

You will see Dr. El-Kadi for your first postoperative visit 10-14 days after surgery. Until this visit, you should follow very closely the activity recommendations given to you prior to discharge. After this visit, spine reconditioning with either a physical therapist or chiropractor will be discussed. You should progress, using their expertise to guide you. By following these recommendations, you will find that you will return to most of your preoperative activities very quickly.